Learn about Julia's story and discover how Launch helped her regain her confidence in reading!


Fun and Inventive

Simone was so incredibly instrumental in our son’s speech development when he was a toddler.  For the two years she worked with him, she found fun and inventive ways to help him with one-on-one and group conversation, reading social cues, how to interact in social settings, and learning how to access his thoughts and verbalize them effectively.  Early intervention is so crucial at a young age — and her thoughtfulness in putting together a detailed “action plan” specifically for our son’s individual needs really made all the difference.  Her kind and generous demeanor allowed our son to be relaxed and comfortable in her sessions — he genuinely looked forward to his special “play dates” with Simone.  We cannot thank Simone enough for all the support and guidance she gave our son (and us!) along the way.  – S.B, Los Angeles 

Patience, Dedication, Empathy

Simone Frame worked with my daughter for many years and was nothing less than fantastic. She has the the perfect amount of patience, dedication, and empathy to be a world class speech therapist. I can’t recommend her enough.    –  M.A., Los Angeles 

Teaching Methods on His Level

My son has been working Simone since summer of 2015 for Academic Intervention.  He was going on to 2nd grade and I wasn’t sure if he could ever read.  He wanted to work hard but could not do homework on his own because he could not read. He had speech delay with Autism diagnosis and I really needed someone who knew teaching methods on his level.  I interviewed instructors who sat with my son and kept on reading without a goal or specific instruction guide.  They said that repeating is the only way to have him read.   I didn’t need an instructor for that.  I can read with my son on my own. Simone was totally the opposite.  She had a very specific A to Z method of guiding a non-reader to a reader.  We started 2 times a week and Simone gave him about 10 minutes worth of homework.  After a year with Simone, my son is able to read and do homework on his own!  This truly is a miracle and a huge relief on my part.  We were so blessed to have found Simone.   – Y.P, West Hollywood 

Professional and Punctual

We hired Simone to work with our son for almost 4 years from the time he was about three years old.  She was always completely professional, punctual, and my son never once complained about going into or out of a lesson with her.   What I liked most about her was her excellent ability to explain to me (as a parent) what difficulties my son was having.  I have worked with many speech therapists over the years and I can honestly say that Simone was my favorite.  – C. & J., West Hollywood 

Changed Our Lives

My son William needed speech therapy not long after my family moved from Toronto, Canada.   I was very concerned for my son who I’d been told would benefit from speech, physical and occupational therapy – it was an overwhelming and scary time.  I had few friends and fewer allies – but Simone Frame quickly became both.  She so quickly put me at ease with her very professional and friendly manner.  Simone left me with no doubt that William would make progress under her tutelage and even better, he’d have a great time doing it.  It was a privilege to sit in on their sessions where I could quietly learn strategies from her and delight in the progress my son was making first-hand.  Every worry I had for William literally vanished in the hours we spent with Simone.  He looked forward to his sessions with her and quickly generalized what he’d learned.  It is without a moment’s hesitation I wholeheartedly recommend Simone Frame.  She literally changed our lives and I am forever thankful to her for it.  – S.S., Canada 

Energy and Ability

Meg is incredible!  Her energy and ability to engage my daughter is beyond what I could hope for....already I see my daughter having more confidence and trying new material! Thank you!    E.T., Madison