Individual and Family Services


Speech and Language




Individualized, systematic reading and writing intervention is available for children and adults who are struggling to read and write to meet their needs.Intervention programs can include goals for:

Spelling       Sight words       Phonics       Oral Reading Fluency       Reading Comprehension     Handwriting       Creative Writing      Test Prep      Kindergarten Readiness      More!

These services are provided in the home, school, or clinic settings. Telepractice options make it convenient and comfortable.

Spanish tutoring is also available for students of Spanish courses, bilingual academic programs, or full immersion programs. 



Telepractice is a method of delivering speech therapy online using a camera and microphone set up in a client’s home. A telepractice session occurs in real time with the clinician. Benefits of telepractice include:

  • Time savings: No more traveling to and from a  clinic or battling traffic and weather to get the services you and your family need.
  • Money savings: Less client expense on gas means money in your pocket. Less therapist expense on materials and travel means we can pass the savings onto you through reduced rates.
  • Motivation for your child: Students find telepractice to be fun and engaging. The use of screen share, instant messaging, and file share make interactions current and exciting.
  • Parent/Caregiver participation: Involvement is the key! Caregivers find that therapy activities make more sense and are easier to do at home after they have observed at least portions of telepractice sessions.

The telepractice program used by Launch is called VSee. It is HIPPA compliant, keeping your private health information secure.